Saturday, October 3, 2015

During the Mess - The bathroom

During the Mess - The bathroom 

Building the shower 

The tub going in

Master bathroom cabinets

So many pieces of marble...

It wasn't supposed to go to the ceiling -but hey why not. 

Yup we wanted to do something different. 

Hall bath halfway done

Closet going in the master. 

Craigslist is your friend. 

Snagged for peanuts

Another CL steal

Real wood too! 

Wall cabinets going in on top of the cabinet. We built a small platform to raise them up off the surface.

Wall of tile in the downstairs bath

During the Mess - Repairing structure

During the Mess - Structure

This is a box gutter. This is a box gutter being held together with just wire. #notsafe

And that doesn't look good. It had to be completely rebuilt. 

An older plumber had taken liberty of cutting into anything he could find. We had to fix that. 

Water damage plaster that had to be removed. The upstairs laundry room leaked quite a bit. 

This wall was originally cardboard. To make the roof safer and more secure we beefed it up so we could put the 2nd HVAC on top. We wanted to make sure there wasn't going to even potentially be a problem. 

There is a full 1600 sqft in the basement. Sadly the beam that originally ran the length of the house was bowing and needed to be squared. That resulted in us building this massive wall on both sides of the central staircase. 

This might give you an idea of just how much weight a single screw jack was expected to hold. We removed it and replaced it with much more mass. 

Insulation EVERYWHERE! We built the insulation to Canadian standards. When global warming hits, we will be just fine. 

Drywall fun

Firestop for safety

insulate the garage. 

People forget that fire follows air - Seal off your house and a fire will be much less likely to tear through your home. 

Need to fix that floor lol. 

During the mess: Flooring Fun

During the mess: Flooring Fun

This is the tile we laid in the bathrooms to look like wood. 

Team effort! 

And we wash...

And we wash...

A couple of samples so you can see the ridges. A must in a bathroom to prevent slipping. 

So don't shoot your finger with a nail. That is all. 

The bathroom floor on the first floor.

Rear hall floor coming together


Nice tight joints

Closet done

Master Bathroom floor 

Parlor Floor begins

Restoring the older floors in the house

2nd Floor Fur

 Before on the left, during in the middle and in the distance a saved floor.

Third Floor base

Time to bring the heat... Mahogany, Hickory and Oak